Flick Soccer Summer Cup 2017

Flick Soccer Summer Cup 2017 Game

Flick Soccer Summer Cup 2017 by Best Sport Games Soccer
Football World Championship is an event that always goes down in history. Playing Flick Shot Soccer Summer Cup 2017, you automatically become a part of the World Championship!
Do you want to feel in place of your idols?
To score a decisive goals?
Choosing the national team, you have to play for the forward and the goalkeeper, to reach victory and get such a desired Cup.
In the game, everything was envisaged so that the player became involved in such an amazing competition. We worked on game models, applied human animations of professional football players, and designed a large-scale stadium. All this is done so that the player feels the drive, as if he is running on a real lawn, when millions are watching his actions.
Features Flick Shot Soccer Summer Cup 2017:
– Low requirements for mobile devices
– The most realistic animations among all 3D football penalty simulators
– Stadium filled with fans
– Ability to play for your favorite team
– Intuitive operation
– High detailed game scene
– The increasing complexity of the opponent’s game
– Frequent updates
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